Series Fusion PS5000 Product Data

ACM Panel System

Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System

Premier Panel Systems PS5000 pressure equalized rainscreen system is the ideal cladding for your building’s exterior. Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels are known for their many attributes which far exceed that of traditional exterior facades. Manufacturing processes that continuously thermobond two sheets of coil coated .02mm aluminum to a light weight yet rigid 4mm polyethylene core create a superior wall panel. ACM panels provide greater durability, flexibility, and formability than other metal wall panels all in a light weight easy to install product.

Technical Specifications

System Type:Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System
Panel Type:Aluminum Composite Wall Panel
Panel Thickness:4mm
Core Material:Polyethylene
Finish:Kynar Coating
Max Panel Width:60” (1524mm)
Min Panel Width:4” (101.6mm)
Max Panel Length:144” (3657.6mm)
Min Panel Length:4” (101.6mm)

*Additional panel sizes available upon request